Meet Omar Centeno

I enjoy working in collaborative and multidisciplinary teams, where ideas form the foundation for building innovative products. If this resonates with you, feel free to reach out and let's exchange ideas.

Developing my career as QA Engineer.

Recently, I served as a Course Director at Platzi, a leading startup in the EDTech field in Latin America. In the second phase, I designed and developed courses and educational programs that impacted thousands of students worldwide. I focused on delivering innovative learning experiences that aligned with market demands and trends.

During my initial phase at Platzi, I held the role of QA Associate. It was here that I delved into the realm of software testing, identifying and resolving bugs within the application. Moreover, I enjoyed overseeing the quality control of course content, ensuring the delivery of top-notch products.

My passion for quality and success in software development propels me to seek fresh challenges in the field of quality assurance. Here, I aim to apply my skills in software testing, agile methodologies, and continuous delivery. I am dedicated to my professional growth, keeping myself amazed at what we can achieve and the impact we can collectively make. I would be delighted to share more about myself. I invite you to engage in a conversation.